Why CryptosOne ?

Any currency exchange or financial transaction directly or indirectly influences the Forex market. Many characteristics are taken into account, the volume of exchanges, the currency pair exchanged, etc. The main players in the Forex market are grouped into two categories: institutional investors and individuals.

CFD (Contract for difference): Also called derivatives. CFDs are financial products that consist of underlying indices such as stocks, indices, commodities, etc. They are created and oriented by traders. Their orientations (up, down) are guided by the mass of exchange on the markets. CFDs can remain in order of purchase as long as the broker wishes it without time limit.

INDICES: Stock indexes are trading instruments that include several companies. For example, the CAC40 represents the capitalization index of the French grouping of companies, the Dow Jones is the index of American companies. The indices also include companies classified by level of capitalization: large, small or mid-cap stocks.

RAW MATERIALS: Commodity trading gives individuals the opportunity to speculate and invest in variations of commodities such as gold, silver, oil, natural gas, grains, and more.

MT4: Take advantage of the MT4 platform as well as all its advanced features: no re-quotation, no rejection and with a flexible leverage that ranges from 1: 1 to 888: 1. Enjoy more than 100 instruments in CFDs, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. Segment your account into 8 platforms for a single connection. The EA (Expert Advisor) feature will guide you during your trading. The Cryptosone platform includes more than 50 indicators and graphical tools, 3 types of graphs, and VPS features.

WebTrader: The Webtrader is a 100% online trading platform that gives full access to market information, regardless of the type of device you are connecting to. So you can trade online, without even downloading anything, view your trading positions, open new or closed. Analyze live graphics and place the actions / cryptos of your choice in your favorites, for a simplified navigation. Discover the intuitive features of Cryptosone such as executing the one-click order. Social trading will allow you to mimic the positions of other traders.
The WebTrader offers a great advantage with its intuitive interface and extensive trading information. We offer our traders the ability to open and close trades in an instant, with one click.

Mobile Trading: Do you have a smartphone or tablet? Do not panic ! Mobile trading by Cryptosone allows you to stay connected to your wallet at any time, all in a user-friendly and fun design. The mobile trading platform is designed to adapt to all major mobile devices. Effectively manage your time and increase your personal commitment to your trading projects, without encroaching on your privacy. Use your mobile phone to trade B a time that once would have been lost.

Are you satisfied with the services of Cryptosone?

Why not share it with your friends, while getting a financial interest? Explain to your friends the benefits of trading with CryptosOne and receive a bonus from CryptosOne. Inform your friend to indicate his full name and the account number with which they will have registered. If the friend has any questions, he can contact us by email at support@cryptosone.com.

From the first deposit of your friend his account will be verified, you receive your bonus sponsorship. Bonuses vary according to offers and times of the year. Contact your financial expert to learn more about commission levels.

All cash deposits made on the Cryptosone platform are listed and listed to ensure perfect transaction tracking. As a security measure, each transaction requires a trace back to the source of the deposits to avoid fraud.

That’s why we ask our customers to provide their identity documents. When you open an account, please contact your file manager to provide the requested documents. You can also send them to support at – support@cryptosone.com.

Here is the list of documents that is required to present:
Photocopy of a identification (passport, identity card)
• Photocopy of the credit card
(with which you have made the deposit) recto / verso, leaving ONLY the last 4 digits of the card on the 12.
• Photocopy of an invoice (water, electricity, gas, telephone, etc …) dating from less than 3 months, including your name, first name, address of domiciliation.

Deposits: Congratulations! You have opened an account with Cryptosone and want to credit it? Find below the different methods of crediting your trading account:
• Via credit card: the credit is immediate, without commission on the deposit.
• Via Bank Transfer: the credit of the account is done in 3 working days, without commission on the deposit.

Withdrawals: Do you want to withdraw your earnings?
Go to your personal space and click on “Withdraw Funds”, then indicate the value of the desired withdrawal amount. Finally click on the button “Remove my funds”. You can do this as many times as you want, up to your remaining credit.

Islamic account: All bonuses and loans granted by our brokers are interest-free in the context of an Islamic account: Cryptosone does not take any additional commission for positions over 24 hours, nor for the management of the accounts or the effects of leverage.